Fee Schedule

A Bright Beginning Child Care Society Fee Schedule
(Fees Effective Jan 1, 2023 (last revision Jan 2022)

Fees are due by the 20th of each month for that month

There will be no pro-rated fees. The fees reflect the space you hold.


100 hours per month
(As per monthly schedule)
An offset needs to be assigned to confirm this space
Affordability Grant
100 hours per month for full time
Prorated for under 100 hours
Based on annual income
Under 19 months $1184.00
Per month
19mths-3 years $1034.00
Per month
3 years-5 years $934.00
Per month

ABB Avondale
School Age KD: $754 per month
Before and after school: $760 per month

ABB Roy Bickell and ABB Ecole Montrose
School Age KD: $834 per month
Before and After School $754 per month
$46.00 per scheduled day
For example, 2 days per week @ $46= $368 for the month.
Expected attendance days will be charged.
Early Years and School Age Programs
Drop In $46 per day.
Full- time Based on a minimum of 100 hours month.
Will be subtracted from fee.
Part-time Subsidy amount will be calculated on actual hours attended.

NEW FAMILIES: There is a $200 deposit for children attending any one of our School Age programs. A full fee payment in the Early Years program is required in the month. The amount minus the affordability grant will be retained as your deposit for the space. Deposits is required when space is guaranteed. **To have your deposit refunded, a 30-day notice must be given to Director, and your child must attend per regular schedule. It will be deposited to your last month’s credit.** $10 membership fee required and a FOB maybe obtained to the front door for $10 for EY program only.

Late Fees: If a child is left at the Centre past 6:00pm, $1.00 per minute will be charged and is payable to the closing educator for the inconvenience. If you are 30 days late for a fee, $25 will be applied to your account. If no payments arrangements are made with one of the Directors, your space will be terminated. Please discuss with the Directors.

Subsidy: Available through the Alberta Government for qualifying families (max annual income $179, 000 for EY, max annual income $89,000) Subsidy. Please note that subsidy does not back pay. Apply as soon as space is guaranteed. https://www.alberta.ca/child-care-subsidy.aspx

PART-TIME SPACES: To avoid being charged the Full-time space, parents must hand in a monthly schedule by the 20th of each month for the subsequent month to the Director. Approval is needed in advance for any schedule changes as it will affect the off-setting child. All Children that come on a regular schedule will be charged for the anticipated days of attendance. Part-time spaces are limited and only available if there is an offset.

FULL-TIME SPACES: Spaces will not be pro-rated if days attended are reduced to absenteeism. The fees pay for the space. To hold your space during longer absents (longer than three weeks in a month) please discuss with the Director.

A Bright Beginning
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Executive Director:
Denise Morgan
School Age Program Director:
Mars Agyapas

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