A Bright Beginning Childcare Society has adopted the Flight Framework. The programs of the Society strive to provide learning through play environment based on the children’s interests (notice, name, and nurture) which makes provision for the development of the whole child under the holistic goals. We recognize that each child requires nurturing adults who will encourage exploration of the environment, interaction with peers and self-expression.

Our goals are to provide an environment which values individual children and families, respects their uniqueness, and nurtures their growth and development.

We allow children to be individuals by allowing them to play in spaces of vitality from their interests and development needs. We also encourage them to express their unique feelings and ideas by providing positive reinforcement and redirection. We are aware that children test limits set for them, but by being consistent we endeavor to teach them, co-operative living, and the need to respect the rights of others.
The Centre strives to create conditions in our environment which reflect the goals and values of our multicultural society and teaches children the uniqueness and the importance of each other’s background and lifestyle.

We encourage safe ways to express feelings without hurting others or damaging equipment.

We help the child to understand their world better by reasoning and providing simple explanations.

We believe that good listening habits practiced by both adults and children enhance communication and produce a good learning environment.

Parents are partners with educators in guiding their child through these key developmental years. An “Open Door” Communication Policy encourages parental involvement and communication between parents and educator.

Educators are viewed as role models and professionals who take part in the education process of children. Professional Learning is an ongoing commitment. Everyone is encouraged to further develop their skills and expertise within their profession. To do this we support Northwestern Polytechnic – Early Child Development diploma program. Educators are provided 3 professional learning days per year by the Society during specified closures days.

Our goal is to implement an educational program that incorporates the needs and development of the child through play based on the Flight Framework and to assess the program regularly to ensure that the child’s needs are being met.

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